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Model Antminer K7 (63.5Th) from Bitmain mining Eaglesong algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 63.5Th/s for a power consumption of 3080W.

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Antminer K7 Bitmain Antminer K7 (63.5 Th) is an impressive miner. It is powered by the Eaglesong algorithm and has a maximum hash rate of 63.5 Th/s. Another important aspect associated with a high hash rate is power consumption. The maximum power consumption of the miner is 3080 watts. Bitmain has made the next year in crypto mining something to look forward to. It is equipped with 10 times the computing power, which is a pioneering invention in modern crypto mining. The manufacturer calls him a leader in Nervos mining. For this device, as is usually the case with new products, there is a huge demand and low supply. If initially the algorithm was hashing using the GPU, now the situation has changed. The algorithm uses the PoW algorithm, which works great on the latest Nervos miner. A secure algorithm is what most experts describe as a novel and simple algorithm. Launched in the second half of 2019, Eaglesong combines innovation, safety and simplicity. The algorithm is compatible with both AMD and NVIDIA mining graphics cards. In addition, the block reward of this algorithm changes dramatically with each epoch of CKB mining. With an increase in the number of ASIC miners supporting this algorithm, GPU mining becomes unprofitable. That is why the Bitmain K7 mining block will be a great symbol for miners. You get the opportunity to mine only one coin and thus increase productivity. This miner has one of the highest hashrates for mining Nervo. Moreover, miners get the highest hash rate for mining one coin on the network. And it proves that the manufacturer is right and they have a device that can solve block puzzles faster than any other device. But let's move on to a more detailed analysis of the technical characteristics.

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