Powerful Oil Immersion Cooling Box 40kW for 6 Sets S19 Series Overclocking

This is a 40KW single-piece oil-cooling box. The individual volume of the box is small in size, easy to install, saves space, can be used in ordinary office places, suitable for all mining machines (can place 8 sets of Antminer S19).

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Through our adapted PSU and software, the devices can achieve a 60% increase in hash rate and reduce the cost of each mining machine. And as the number of mining machines increases, it can also be assembled vertically in groups of 4 to cool more devices. In the future, according to the number of devices, power, etc., the vertically assembled immersion cooling cabinet can also be assembled vertically for use in larger places. Features: 1. A immersion cooling box is small in size, easy to install, and space-saving. It can be used in ordinary office space, with good cooling effect and high cooling efficiency. 2. According to the number and power of servers, the vertically-assembled immersion cooling container can be reassembled vertically to use in larger places. 3. Secondary utilization of heat energy. 4. 65%~80% of the heat generated by mining can be used to provide heat for local communities, offices, and other places to achieve secondary energy utilizati.

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